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Portrait Session

Las month, my cousin celebrated her sweet 16th birthday… which just happened to be on the 16th day of 2016. It was her GOLDEN birthday! This year, she and 4 of her closest friends spent the Memorial Day long weekend at Mission Beach in San Diego, and I was fortunate enough to tag along for the trip! Let me tell you something, when you get 5 gorgeous, spunky, photogenic 16 year olds together on a beach, the universe is just begging you to do a photoshoot… and that is exactly what we did!

Here are some of my absolute favourites from her California sunset beach session!Olivia16_1799_WEB Olivia16_1815_WEB Olivia16_1834_WEB Olivia_1883 Olivia16_1928_WEB Olivia16_1850_WEB Olivia16_1912_WEB Olivia16_1982_WEB Olivia16_2067_WEB Olivia16_2253_WEB Olivia16_2265_WEB Olivia16_2160_WEB copy

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